General Rules for Going Out & About

General Rules for Going Out & About

Norms for Social Behavior When You’re Out and About

You are in the correct location. Our firm beliefs regarding the contents of a woman’s handbag, when and where one should and should not wear underwear and socks, and much more besides:

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  • It’s best to be safe than sorry, so if you’re hungry, bring some food along. Never under any circumstances should you find yourself hungry and without a means to satisfy that hunger.
  • You should always carry a deck of cards with you. Nothing beats a night out at the local watering hole where you get to hang out with old and new pals alike and play some games.
  • Layer up, always. You should bring the cardigan regardless of how many times you checked the weather.
  • Two pieces of gum should always be removed from the pack, provided that the gum is your own. This makes no sense at all. The alternative isn’t even close to being as good.
  • Never turn around and walk backward, especially in the supermarket. Keep in mind that you will most likely bump into someone behind you.
  • Don’t forget to leash up Fido. It’s important to remember that not every dog is friendly, even if yours is (and not everyone is comfortable with your dog approaching theirs).
  • Wear socks to the airport each and every time. Even if the weather is nice, I won’t be caught flaunting my dawgs or going barefoot through the airport’s security checkpoint. Fortunately, this area is ringworm-free.
  • If you want to avoid getting hit by a bus, avoid wearing your holy underwear.

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