Google unveils electric vehicle features integrated with Maps

Google unveils electric vehicle features integrated with Maps

Wednesday at its Live from Paris event, Google announced new features for electric vehicles that include Google Maps. The features, which debuted in November’s updates to the Maps app, are meant to help EV drivers cope with range anxiety.

Faster charging stations with 150 kilowatt or higher capacity chargers will be easy to locate for drivers using Maps on their car’s display screen. Furthermore, Maps will recommend the best charging stop for an EV based on criteria such as the current traffic situation, the EV’s charge level, and the expected energy consumption of the EV during that particular leg of the journey.

Electrical vehicle navigation systems will also indicate when certain locations, such as grocery stores, offer on-site charging. So, if a driver types “Supermarket” into the search bar, they’ll see that some supermarkets list a charging station icon next to their star rating and address. Knowing where EV drivers can charge their vehicles while out and about is helpful because it allows them to avoid driving on a low battery and maximises the vehicle’s useful life.

Google has promised that the new EV features will be available in the coming months. Three months after adding filters for fast charging stations and EV plug compatibility to the mobile app, Google has released new features tailored to electric vehicles.

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You can find cars with Google built in from companies like Polestar, Volvo, GM, and Renault. Starting with the Volvo EX90 and the Polestar 3, Google announced at the beginning of the year that it would release a new high-definition version of Maps for cars.

During the event, Google also unveiled improvements to its mobile mapping app, Maps, on both Android and iOS. These improvements include the introduction of Live View and Indoor Live view, which use a phone’s camera and augmented reality features to superimpose instructions like arrows and distance markers over the real world.

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